Wednesday, September 29, 2010

new fav obsession

is....... Spaghetti Squash!!! I read about it on another blog and decided that at the farmer's market we'd buy one and try it out. DELISH. I immediately fell in love with this awesome vegetable.  When you pull out the insides after baking the veggie, the strands look like spaghetti. SO fun!

We made a seafood mushroom dish and paired it with the delish spaghetti squash- Yum!

It is super easy to eat.
-cut the spaghetti squash lengthwise
-scoop out the seeds and center portion
-place the two halves face down in a baking dish/pan with a bit of Pam spray/water
-bake for about 30 mins on 350
-Scoop out the strands and you have got yourself a delish veggie

Some ideas to use it in are: in place of actual spaghetti noodles, other noodles, and to use to top off salads.


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  1. Great idea that is fast Annette! What a great wife you are, feeding your husband such healthy vegetables. =)