Saturday, November 6, 2010

Mexican HEALTH-ified

Do you love Mexican food? I do IF:  it comes from Cafe Rio, is homemade, has lots of flavor, is not full of too-much cheese/sour cream, or is a bit spicy.

My husband LOVES Mexican so naturally we eat it often (more often than I ever did before we were married anyway). So I am always on a quest to make it tasty AND healthy!

In the MIX, you ask? Here it is:
*Black Beans
*Fat Free Refried Beans
*Canned Chicken
*peppers and onions
*Taco and Cumin seasoning
(cook the above over a stove for about 10 mins)
after, add:
*Light Sour Cream
*dash of Cheddar Cheese (my husband had a bowlfull on his...he adores cheese. Me, not so much)
*Whole wheat tortilla
Roll it all up and CHOW down, friends!
YUMM. I adore SALSA!

Go ahead and try it, you will LOVE it. Find yourself craving it, probably. Happy Cookin friends! What are SOME ways you make Mexican a bit more health-ified?

Monday, November 1, 2010

a delicious friday night meal

I was home alone while the hubby was at work.... so what did I have for dinner?! I bet you want to know! Here it is: 
 IN the mix: 
whole wheat English muffin, 2 eggwhites, some lettuce, 1 light laughing cow cheese (blue cheese flavor), one shake of spices, and an apple and WATER on the side. Get in my belly!

 Now, go and make it yourself- it is delish and healthy (protein, good carbs, some flavor, fiber, and a bit of healthy fat). ENJOY! But try not to lick your fingers at the end...