Saturday, December 11, 2010


What are your health ESSENTIALs?

homemade butternut squash soup- a MUST have
Here are my must haves:
-cardio DAILY (Zumba, stairs, aerobics, running, swimming, elliptical, etc.)
-weight training at least 2 x /week (usually closer to 4 x) 
-essential oils (COMPLETE PURE grade therapeutic oils) DAILY --seriously changed the way my face/skin, hair look, and healing processes go. let me know if you want more info
-intimacy with the husband daily
-whole foods DAILY: soups, salads, sweet potatoes, otameal
-LOTS of water all day
-piece of chocolate a week (at least)
-an apple or orange at lunch
-8-10 hours sleep PER night
-spiritual meditation, prayer, scripture reading daily
-church weekly
-journal writing, facebooking and planner organizing 2 x /week

These all make me HAPPY, HEALTHY, and in BALANCE. 
these pics are pictures of my latest eats, if you were wondering....

What is YOUR list? I want to hear it! If you have questions about any of these items, let me know!