Friday, September 24, 2010


Ever heard of essential oils? I sure have. They can do amazing things for your body, health, face, skin, hair, and pretty much all of you, because we're made up of cells. Essential oils are extracted from plants and can be used topically, in capsule form, or ingested via placing drops in water. I have been using these oils for muscle pain, skin, tiredness, etc. and they're amazing.

So last night my husband and I went to a meeting (a REALLY long one at that!) on essential oils by a company called doterra. Really fascinating stuff. I am excited to learn more- and hopefully have some more at our fingertips soon. Stay tuned for more- but if you're dying to know more, go to

Have a safe, healthy weekend!

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  1. Hey, just discovered your blog! I have been trying to get myself to sign up as an IPC for DoTerra for about a month now, so I can get them at wholesale. I'm so into essential oils right now and can't wait to learn more! This blog post might just be the last little "umph" I need to get going!