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As many of you know, I love all things health, wellness, and nutrition.  I finished my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Exercise Science and teach fitness classes. I am a HUGE proponent of anything that is good for the body, mind, and spirit.

As such, I have been using some incredible wellness products, and I want to share some of that info with my blog readers!!

So friends, I know you care about your health (obviously, right?! Why else would you be visiting?) and as such I want you to also know about the most incredible health and wellness products known to man. The exact same products that successful spas such as the Bellagio, MGM, and Four Seasons are using. These products come straight from the earth-from PLANTS (we love plants, right?!) Truly a gift of the earth without any side effects or crazy added synthetics. Without anything added. That is right. I know, fabulous, right?!

What is it?! They are 100% Certified PURE Therapeutic Grade essential oils
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What are essential oils you might ask? Essential oils come from parts of plants that are carefully extracted using very expensive equipment and strictly controlled temperatures, all done so with complete precision. Essential oils have medicinal, health, and therapeutic benefits.  Many of the oils have powerful cleansing properties.  Because of their unique chemical structure, essential oils can pass directly through the skin for immediate systemic response.  Those oils that can be taken internally can cross the cell membrane and thus target viruses and bacteria that modern medicines and anti-biotics can NOT target (as they can't cross the cell membrane).  

The oils I use are the only oils in the world that can be labelled 100% certified PURE therapeutic grade because of the purity and clarity of the oils--NO pesticides. NO residues. NO synthetics. NO fillers. NO artificial anything. NOTHING added. Only PURE 100% essential oil.  (just like organic foods are really truly ONLY "organic" if the food says "Certified Organic" everything else could just be partly organic) The reason this is so, is because it is wayyyy more expensive to run the extra tests, find the best plants, and control the actual extraction methods. Each bottle is rigorously tested and only sold if it passes the 5 extra tests the company runs (as compared to any other essential oil company). 

Essential oils can be used for everything from scrapes and bruises to sore muscles to headaches to curing ulcers (NO joke- my husband's stomach ulcers, in fact!). These essential oils can be applied topically, diffused aromatically (killing germs, brightening mood, calming the senses, etc.), and some can be taken INTERNALLy! If you have ever used essential oils you probably know that internal use of oils is a no-no.....that is because those essential oil companies can not guarantee that there are no pesticides, synthetics, or other 'junk' added in (added in b/c it is cheaper and easier production).

I use essential oils daily and have seen incredible things happen! The following are just a FEW of the things that have happened in my life because of using these oils:

-My ache in my left ankle disappeared (I use the supplements the company makes with essential oils blend) 
-my burned finger's pain was immediately relieved and NO scarring appeared (Lavender)
-I fall asleep faster and sleep more peacefully (Serenity blend)
-my stomachaches I often get when I eat too much dairy are relieved (DigestZen blend)
-my skin is clearer and I look younger!! (Melaleuca and Lavender)
-my water is tastier now (1 drop each of Lemon, Lime, and Grapefuit oils)
-my back aches (teaching over 3 fitness classes per week plus full-time work in a chair = achey back)    
     disappeared (when I rub DeepBlue blend on it--used for muscle soreness)
-my headaches and tension are gone (rubbing Pastense blend on my temples)
-my sleepiness and lack of motivation is zapped (Peppermint rubbed on my neck and upper jaw)
-I have lost a bit of weight and reduced cravings for foods I am not really hungry for (Slim and Sassy Blend)
-and like I mentioned earlier, my husband's ulcers are cured. 

Let me share with you a bit more about that experience....My husband started having pains in his abdomen at night. We were visiting my family and as my father is a doctor he did some tests, asked questions, etc. and then gave my husband some very strong medications. My husband's pain did go away/was subsided for several hours, but if he didn't take the medicine, the dull pain would return and he would be VERY uncomfortable. The rest of the trip was unfortunately much of the same....he'd be in pain, he'd take more meds, he'd be OK (but not great), and so on. We met my husband's mother at the airport when we got back to where we live and his mom had prepared 4 different essential oils for internal use for my husband. (She has a book that says what ailments can be treated with what oils). 34 HOURS later his pain was COMPLETELY gone. 

My hope is that I can share these essential oils with you and you can see for yourself the quality, purity, and power of these essential oils that beat out ANY other essential oil and will change your life dramatically. (Anyone else hate popping pills out there and taking awful, expensive medicines that never work?!) 

I enjoy knowing that I only put the best, highest quality, 100% natural essential oils on and in my body. 
All that work at the gym and healthy eating is only enhanced with the use of these oils :) 

(you can always email me if you have questions:

p.p.s. in case you're really wondering about all those elite spas, the MGM, Four Seasons, Bellagio, and many many more spas all over the country are using these oils in their spas NOW.....replacing other (non CPTG) essential oils and products that have not come even close to matching these 100% CPTG essential oil's benefits, results, and sales. The spas know what is you??

Anyone sick of taking synthetic meds, drugs, and other stuff that they can not even decipher on labels? I am all for doing, participating in, and creating the healthiest habits!

Let's hear your comments and thoughts on this--
have a healthy day, friends!


  1. Hi J and A! I had read a couple wonderful things about essential oils lately and would love to try them! Do you possibly have any samples? Thanks so much!

  2. Hey there! I'd love to help out :) And yes, I do have samples- you're in luck!! Yes, the essential oils are amazing, and these in particular are the best because they are pure and natural- 100% of it. Go here : and you'll see some more info (the new and updated website of mine). Also, leave a comment on a post and then I will have your email address (so you and I don't post our emails out into the open!) Then I can contact you to give you some samples!